I need a spare part to mend my microwave?

I have a combination microwave Russell Hobbs HOB CT/AL30. Everything works except the plate does not rotate so I believe it's the turntable motor that is at fault.
No spare suppliers seem to know this microwave model - would you happen to know which turntable motor would fit & work in this please?
Many thanks
Lorraine, February 2024

Can't find any sites offering the turntable motor for a CTAL30
There are, however, a lot of places offering the little plastic coupler between motor and turntable. If that's broken it may explain the lack of drive.

I think you should be able to pull the coupler off. It'll probably be really easy if it's broken.

You might even just be able to push a replacement straight on.

Rhrrbfj, February 2024
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