Igniter not working Leisure 2100 Sterling gas cooker?

Leisure 2100 Sterling SI gas cooker where is the battery for the ignition


Frigidare fmos184lbf?

By not clear instructions we peeled off the inner plastic film on the inside door of my new microwave. Can this be used like that or replaced?


How can i get the knob back on?

The speed knob came off my kenwood chef. how do i fix it back on?


Indesit gas cooker?

My glass lid on my indesit gas cooker won't stay up, any help please



Kenwood Dishwasher. Showed H3 error. Switched it off left it then back on again. Error message disappeared and now left with dotted lines and cannot programme


How can I mend my RHEM21L?

Russell Hobbs microwave RHEM21L display shows 000 but doesn't power on and dial pad doesn't work. Door closes well. What could be the problem?


Cannon stratford?

replaced spark ignition and spark generator on cannon stratford gas cooker still no spark

Remove dishwasher kick plate?

Miele g5300 sc How do you remove the plastic kick plate?

2060 on/off switch?

I have a russell hobss 20460 electric kettle . The little black plastic power switch came put, with a tiny micro bit of of plastic broken. Can I get this small switch from a supplier in UK. The ke ... more


Repair Magimax 5 200XL motor?

Magimax 5 200XL won't turn on. Any instructions on repairing motor?

Russell Hobbs Rhbm1500 bread maker?

I need help i put in a new belt in my bread machine but know only 1 paddle work what can be wrong ? Russell Hobbs Rhbm1500 bread maker delight

Click front bottom cover into place?

How do I click the front bottom cover in front of a dishlex back into place? DSFX10W

How can I mend my cooker hood?

My cooker hood has stopped working completely.the bulb blew and now not working at all