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Lawnmower repair?

How do I fits clutch cable to a Hayter Hunter 41 lawnmower thanks


Hayter 13/30Ride-on Lawnmower?

The Mower housing on my Hayter 13/30 ride-on lawnmower has dropped. Although the rear of the housing lifts when I go from 1 to 6 on the cut height lever, the front remain on the deck. Going through th ... more

How can I make my petrol mower run better?

My Hayter Hawk 375 mower with Briggs and Stratton 4-stroke engine will start OK after priming, but only runs for a few seconds. If I re-prime it, the same thing happens again. This is the first troubl ... more

How to adjust deck Hayter 10/30 stopeating belts?

Hayton 10/30 eating deck drive belts

Hayter Heritage ride on mower?

how do you check the oil level in a hydrostatic drive on a hayter ride on mower


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