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Westwood T1800 ride on mower?

westwood T1800 not charging now won,t start , red wire from regulator to battery stays live with battery when key turned off

Westwood T1800 Steering problems?

This old beast does a fine job in the garden, however steering problems result in a horrible furrow if not careful. the wheels are aligned in the straight ahead position, on right turns both wheels fo ... more

how do i change the drive belt in my T1800?

How do I change the drive belt in my T1800 westwood and also how do I connect the wiring that has been damaged by the torn belt

westwood t1800 cutting deck not cutting?

our westwood T1800 mower isnt cutting. i've raised it on a ramp and the blades are rotating when switched on but are not cutting when driving along. they did work briefly but then stopped again. they ... more