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How can i replace that thing?

ryobi pbp002 battery internal fuse, how can i replace that thing?


Hedge trimmer Battery Charger not working?

I have a Ryobi charger BCL 14181H which is not showing any lights and not charging. I had left it unplugged but with a battery in it? Any easy fixes? Battery is RB18L15. It is for a hedge trimmer.

Ryobi charger not fully functioning?

My Ryobi charger is still in the middle red charging state and will not go into the green fully charged mode.It's a p-117 18 volt. A new charger not a year old even

my ryobi p118 internal fuse is blown can anyone help me? ?

my ryobi p118, internal fuse was blown beacause the rating current in my country is 240v and input for the charger is only 120v are used mainly in USA,and can any one help me sort out?and i had bought ... more

how to repair 18volt ryobi baterry charger?

when placing battery pack into charger the green light comes on instead of the red even though it is dead

how to fix my ryobi battery charger?

I tried to charge my battery and noticed the prongs in the charger were bent down all the way which is why its not connecting and won't charge. I tried to push the prongs back up but they won't stay u ... more

replace fuse in charger?

How do I replace internal fuse on my ryobi charger?

where can I get ryobi edi-500re replacement parts?

where can I get RYOBI power drill replacement parts

Which ryobi battery?

Is there a specific ryobi battery that I should purchase to repair my performance power pro? Thank you

Ryobi 18V One Charger?

Looking at this forum it appears there's an internal fuse in the charger and that could be the reason 2 of them have died on me. How do you get to the fuse? Pulling the feet off the bottom there are s ... more

performance pro CLM18VRB transplanted internals from a ryobi battery?

On an older thread about the old B+Q CLM18VRB battery, someone says they managed to transplant the equivalent Ryobi battery internals into the old casing. They said they had to swap the terminals over ... more

nicad battery?

How do i repair the nicad battery of my Ryobi 18v cordless drill?

How can I fix my Ryobo drill switch?

The forward/reverse switch on my Ryobi doesn't work how do I fix it?


where can i find a trigger switch for my craftsman 3/8 drill?

i have a craftsman 3/8 drill model # 315.10511, part # 607808. sears no longer stocks the part. it was made by ryobi, and they have not been helpful and apparently no longer supply the part.


ryobi 18 v (old)ni cad?

where would i begin to fix 18v ryobi i was given? its an oldish one, no lights come on the charger (replaced fuse in plug top)dont have right screwdriver to get into charger,and i have frozen the batt ... more


How to Replace Chuck on Ryobi drill press?

How to Replace Chuck on Ryobi drill press?


Ryobi 18v battery charger internal fuse?

the internal fuse on my ryobi battery charger has blown, does anybody know what the values of it is, as the etching has been worn away?


Ryobi HP1202 Battery operated drill Charger?

For Ryobi HP1202 Battery Operated Drill Charger, I need the value of the two resistors inside the charger. A bad battery heat them up to the point of destuction. The color code is gone. Help


Ryobi electrical D46C Drill. can't turn the chuck to get bit out?

Thurs 4/19 Just bought & used this drill. Now I can't turn the chuck to get the bit out. the "manual" that comes with it is of no help. Thanks, Cece


How can I change the chuck on my Ryobi 430W drill with cord?

I'm having trouble removing the chuck from my Ryobi drill (about 10 years old, 430W, model details and manual lost, 3/8 inch chuck key, chuck made in Germany, maximum bit capacity 10 mm, with electric ... more


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