New switch required?

Hi. Where can I buy an on/off switch for a 730. PPHSS 730 KH 3128


Performance power?

tengo una siera de calar porformance power modelo laser jigsaw 750 w y el soporte de la hoja se ha roto podeis suministrame esa pieza .


Where can I get a new battery ?

For my Xtreme drill CD1218J

JigSaw Base Plate?

I am looking for a replacement baseplate for my Challenge Xtreme M1Q-DD4-80 880w Jigsaw. I am in the UK

Can I get a manual?

Hi There I purchased a performance power HBS9-4 bandsaw on Ebay, Knowing my luck probably a mistake. Can anyone advise me were I can buy parts for this if needed such as blades tyres etc, and also whe ... more


Broken blade holder 750 JLS jigsaw?

The blade holder on my 750JLS jigsaw has broken the main dealership don’t have spares. Has anyone got a none working model for sale.

jigsaw MJ5654?

where can I get a roller blade guide for my challenge extreme jigsaw MJ5654

Makita Jig #4304T Blade installing Lever does not seem to work?

Makita Jig model 4304T: blade installing lever does not open blade clamp. Is there something wrong or broken with this top ?


black and decker jigsaw suddenly stopped working?

my b and d bd538se 350watt was working and suddenly stopped what are the cause

where can i get a replcement battery CLM18VRB?

where can I get a replacement battery CLM18VRB


which blade?

which blade do I need for my bandsaw for wood


replac brushes?

how do I change the brushes in my 1587vs Bosch jigsaw?

broken blade removal?

how do i remove a broken t bar blade from a pro 710 swithblade jigsaw?