Singer 201 went bang , smelt and now won’t work?

I am trying to mend my Mothers sewing machine
It’s a Singer 201 in a folding table cabinet serial number EA142404
I have used it extensively in the past and it’s a great machine
I plugged it in about 5 years ago and it went bang and smelt funny
before I even started to sew
I have now brought it to my house hoping I would be able to buy a new motor re wire and fix it
I spoke to my local sewing machine shop and he tells me you can’t replace the motor on this machine as it’s a potted motor.
I have looked on the web site and it looks everso complicated to sort it out with wires, welding and grease
Does anyone know anybody that could help me do this in the South West of UK
Sue, December 2021

1) Are you SURE it's the motor? It's pointless (and expensive) blindly changing parts.
2) Is there any visible scorching anywhere?
3) it's not the foot pedal that went bang is it? It might even be a duff cable, especially where it enters a plug or passes into a casing.
3) EXACTLY which "201" model is it? These may help:
4) Do a Guugle search for something like "singer 201 repair" - that will also throw up a lot of helpful videos.

If you DO try doing any work, make notes. DONT rely on memory!

Eddjg, December 2021
link Click here to see other fixes for Singer.