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Bobbin won't wind?

I have had and used my Singer touchtronic 2000 for many years but it will not wind the thread now and the bobbin does not fill. I know how to set up the bobbin to wind on my touchtronic 2000 but it wi ... more


I have a Singer Touchtronic 2010, bobbin won't wind?

I read the list of answers posted before. Also watched a YouTube video that showed how to do it, but I did notice in the video that the needle stopped moving up and down after 3 or 4 times while the b ... more

where can I get a thread guide post for a Singer Touchtronic?

mine snapped at the base and fell off


Singer TouchTronic mis function?

I have changed out the 4 gears I've had for 3 yrs. Now my Singer TT 2001 will not move the needle under power. The gears all function except the needle!! Turn it off and manually the needle will move ... more

zigzag stitch not right?

in my singer touchtronic 2000 the top of my zigzag is not right, the bottom of fabric has a perfect zigzag,

spring E, point 2?

I have a Singer Touchtronic 2010 machine. When I open the slide plate, and I insert a bobbin, the little metal piece (I can describe by saying it is the piece that you draw the thread under, and then ... more


Grinding squeeling noise on my Singer Touchtronic 2000?

I have a 25-year old Singer Touchtronic that started a grinding/squeeling noise last week. It still works, but it makes an intermittent grinding noise going forward. When I am sewing it sounds as if ... more


singer touchtronic grinding noise?

I recently purchased a Singer Touch-Tronic 2005 off Craigslist. It sews good but makes a grinding noise each time I use it. It didn't come with a manual or any instructions but I oiled and lubed it ... more


Ken--please help! singer touchtronic 2010?

Hi, Ken....this is sherilyn foley. yu helped me before with my singer touchtronic it's been working great again after I replaced the foot pedal. I was using it yesterday nd a bunch of th ... more


singer touchtronic 2010 bobbin thread jam?

why does the thread get all jammed on the under side of the fabric i am not sure if i have the bobbin threaded correctly also maybe i donet have the machine threaded correctly i inherited the machi ... more


Singer Touchtronic 2010 won't pick up bobbin thread?

I have a Singer Touchtronic 2010 and the presser foot goes up and down without a problem but the bobin casing will not turn or pick up the bobbin thread. Help! I love this machine but know it is get ... more


singer touchtronic 2010?

hi, i have a singer touchtronic 2010. the last time i used it, it worked beautifully. i got it out to use it today and it seems to be sort of "jammed up" like it won't move (work or run). it makes ... more


Possible timing problem on singer touchtronic 2001?

My machine sews straight stitches for a few inches just fine, then it will skip a few stitches then it will be fine for a few stitches then skips more. I tried a decorative leaf stitch and it does no ... more


How to fix Singer TouchTronic 2001 only able to do straight stitch?

Re Singer Touch-Tronic 2001 memory machine Sewing Machine with touch control in picking stitches and built in decorative stitches. Can pick the stitches but the machine only will do a straight stitc ... more


More on the grinding noise with my Singer TouchTronic 2010?

My husband took the bottom off the machine and it looked as if mice had taken up residence. We cleaned all the stuff out, but the grinding continued. He looked at the belt, and it seems very loose nea ... more


pedal for Singer TouchTronic 2001 Sewing Machine?

Hello! I've got a Singer TouchTronic 2001 Sewing Machine, unfortunately without cord and pedal. I'm living in Budapest, Hungary - Europe. Can anyone help me where and how can I buy these accesories? A ... more


Problem threading bobbin on Singer Touchtronic 2010?

My Singer Touchtronic 2010 stopped threading the bobbin like it used to. When you replace the bobbin you're supposed to pull the thread around the flat spring toward the right and by turning the wheel ... more


How can I repair the feed dog on my Singer Touchtronic 2001?

I have the Singer Touchtronic 2001 Memory Machine. The feed dog does not move to move the fabric through. I've cleaned the lint out, made sure it was threaded correctly, and the plates, etc. are in ... more


fabric not feeding?

I have just "inherited" my mother's singer touchtronic 2001. It does not feed the fabric and I have checked the stitch length, the presser foot #, but neither helps. Is there an adjustment for the fee ... more