The double vert. blinds I have will only open one side when I pull the draw string. What needs replacing in the blinds?

Replace curtain pull rope?

Drawstring curtain rope?

Cords sawing through plastic?

Velux Duo blind cords cutting plastic?! I contacted Velux only to be told blinds were out of warranty! I told them this would happen given the make up of the blinds, even if the warranty was five or ... more

how to fix my corded curtains?

how can I adjust the cord on my curtain as they wiil not meet in the middle

velux blind?

Our velux blackout blind is jammed closed and won't budge even a mm from the left side. Can anyone advise on how it can be opened please?

The strings on my velux are now longer on right and left ?

What have i done wrong, now trying to reasemble ??

gol m08?

The cord on one of my blinds had broken, can anyone advise wher I can get some and can it be fixed. Don’t want to have to buy 4 more blinds

Cord ??? ?

Hi, one of the runners broke today on my vertical blind, it seems to be the main one with a cord knot in one hole and a cord knot in the second (both knotted in one runner) now I have unthreaded all t ... more

how to fix one side of a blind that will not go down or up?

the hunter douglas blind would not go down. pushing slightly down, the cylinder fell out. is this just a cylinder plug problem or a string twist:

I need to move an entire engineered floor forward about an inch. Fully asse?

I have too sections of floors that the planks did not line up. I need to move a 144 sq ft section forward about an inch to line up with the planks in the other floor. It is not glued or stapled down. ... more

Where can I buy the string to restring my bamboo blinds?

I have 8 bamboo blinds on my sun porch and I love them! My problem is that the string on two of the blinds is separating and will no longer work. I need new string but do not know where to look. Any ... more

How to repair damaged insect screen on velux blind?

The very beginning of the insect screen on the velux blind has torn away from the side, about 1 cm. How can I repair it so it still fits into the groove and runs smoothly?

mend a hole in a feather duvet?

I have a feather duvet (comforter) and I want to know how I can mend it, as I think using a needle and cotton will allow more feathers to leak from the hole made by the needle.


hi i have honeycomb hunter douglas shades and they will not go ?

I have honeycomb and the shade won't go up when I pull the string


how can I keep my velux blind closed?

My velux blind will not close it just pops open every time you pull it closed. the only way I can keep it closed is to use pegs on the cord. Any ideas how to fix it?

How can I fix my velux blackout blind GPL 308 with broken cord?

The cord on one side broke when the blind was being opened. It looks like it frayed and finally broke. The blind now stays open. How can this be fixed?


curtain track ?

I purchased these two items from you and I think I have made a big mistake ordering them in the corded versions. My problem appears to be when I attach the curtains to the overlap and underlap arms th ... more


How to close fully a blackout velux blind?

The blind opens and closes but does not close fully down. It springsback half an inch. Does this need dismantling?

one side of the honeycomb blinds slides down?

After I pull up the honeycomb blinds one side has started to slip down. I can pull it up but it slides down again. The other side stays up.

I have laminate flooring with raised edges (6 inches). They no longer make ?

I have laminate flooring with raised edges (6 inches) they no longer make this color flooring and the scrap I have is damaged on the edges. Is there a way to warm these edges and glue them down. t ... more