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How can I make my time clock work on my Ferroli F30?

The time clock on my Ferroli F30 shows no display

ferroli f30 ?

Shower goes hot and cold

Problems With Ferroli Domi Compact F30 B Heating and Water?

Hi, I have the above boiler which is around 4 years old. Recently it has started giving me a number of problems and unsure if they are all related. I now have these problems: 1. Despite the h ... more


ferroli f30 boiler?

My ferroli f30 boiler i cant get no hot water or central heating to come on, the boiler wont ignite, any ideas please

Ferroli F30 fault?

Ferroli F30 in Heating and Hot Water mode runs for approx. 5 seconds then cuts out. The boiler doesn't display the red lock out lighjt but the demand light remains on. Ony idea's?

the lockout light illuminates repeatedly on my ferroli f30 boiler?

the lock light illuminates reatedly on my ferroli f30 boiler

ferroli f30?

burner keeps going on and off but heating is working


ferroli f30 burner light not coming on ?

i have a ferroli f30 and the green burner light not coming on but im still getting hot water but the radiators not come one

faulty combi boiler?

I have a ferroli f30 combi boiler with a fault on the hot water. Boiler fires water runs hot then burner cuts out water runs cold and repeats this sequence.


ferroli f30 hot at first ?

My ferroli f30 heats the water at first then goes teppid boiler never cuts out but the water only runs teppid dont matter how long i leave it running any ideas please.

How can I fix my Ferroli DOMIcompact F30?

Hi I have a Ferroli DOMIcompact F30 combi boiler. I have no heating or hot water and it is flashing up F3. Do you have any ideas as to what the problem is and how I can fix it? Thanks

f3 flashing on screen?

ferroli domicompact f30

Ferroli F30?

Bioler will give running hot water 3-4 mins then locks out. Changed thermisters still locking out but if we take the casing off the boiler will run fine if casing back on it will lock out any idea ... more


ferroli f30?

i have no power going to my ferroli f30 boiler, can anybody help

combi boiler ferroli f30?

when taps are turned on hot water will run but when the central heating is put on the boiler knocks off

ferroli f30 ?

central heating fires up for 5 to 10 sec then cuts out then fires up again for 5 to 10 sec then cuts out and so on and so on ? water is dirty in the radiators so suspect a blockage or maybe anyone mig ... more


I have a Ferroli F30 combi boiler?

The DHW doesn't run hot all the time (running cold after a couple of minutes) also the boiler bar pressure keeps falling over a couple of days (i have to top up the water in the system every couple of ... more