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Lec fridge freezer?

Lec fridge freezer, model R50 10W /b R5510\w/B/S Brand new fridge, smells sweet at the back, can smell it in the kitchen The smell is a bit like chocolate Anyone know what this is?


Bad smell in fridge ZUD 9154?

Hi, I have an integrated fridge model ZUD 9154 that has started to smell very badly. I have cleaned the fridge out and had the kick board off and cleaned under the fridge as the smell seems to be comi ... more

Smell inside the fridge?

Everything cleaned- inside, outside, back, front sides, condensate tray etc. AEG fridge freezer. Fridge smells awful after 20 mins. with power on. Any suggestions?

Candy fridge freezer cant remove drip tray ?

ive noticed a smell I think is coming from drip tray but cannot remove theres nothing in booklet about drip tray

unpleasent smell inside fridge?

We have a intergrated Zanussi Fridge/Freezer Model ZI920/9K.We have noticed an on going unpleasant smell in the frigde,unrelated to any foodstuffs.It is noticeable on opening the door but not if you s ... more

smelly Beko american style fridge freezer?

My fridge smells, we have emptied it of food, bleached it within an inch of its life, pulled it out, but nothing. i read a lot about drip tray's however looking in our manual and ours doesn't seem to ... more