Where can I get a new battery ?

For my Xtreme drill CD1218J

JigSaw Base Plate?

I am looking for a replacement baseplate for my Challenge Xtreme M1Q-DD4-80 880w Jigsaw. I am in the UK

Parkside Orbital sander?

I’ve broken the plastic container that catches the dust on my Parkside orbital sander,can I buy a spare somewhere pls?

PES 600 Parkside Orbital Sander?

I am after a rubber base plate for a Parkside PES 600 Orbital Sander, can anybody help?


replacement bolt for McKellar mitre saw?

Where can I buy a M8 fine thread left hand bolt for mitre saw

Can I get a manual?

Hi There I purchased a performance power HBS9-4 bandsaw on Ebay, Knowing my luck probably a mistake. Can anyone advise me were I can buy parts for this if needed such as blades tyres etc, and also whe ... more


is my charger working correctly?

i have a performance pro circular saw clm18vg2cgr when i insert battery, charge plus light on and fully charge light on, but not fast charging light!

belle 150 electric mixer ?

motor stops running after about 10 minuits leave it cool down 20 minuits start ok how do i rectify this problem please

who stores start switch for power devil grinder 5306?

where can I find a replacement on/off switch for my power devil 5306 grinder


iwont drive belt for pp2505bd and were to get one plz?

i wont drive belt for piller drill pp2505bd and were to get one plz

rally orbital sander sku 973048?

it works some times then it will stop give it light hit it will start again then stop and buzz then hit it again starts again some times it will go fast then some times goes slow


When switching on the motor starts but slows done and stops?

Motor will not continue running when you take your finger of the switch what is the problem and how do I fix it?

b&q pro mitre saw clm210lsms?

When I changed the blade I removed the rotating guard. I also removed the centre screw of the guard holding the spring mechanism. How do I put this back together? Thank you.

Broken blade holder 750 JLS jigsaw?

The blade holder on my 750JLS jigsaw has broken the main dealership don’t have spares. Has anyone got a none working model for sale.

battery not charging?

My battery charger show battery is charged when it is not how can i solve this problem please ?

saw rotation?

When my craftsman 7 1/4 inch circular saw is turned off, the blade is free to spin.


Carbon brushes ?

How to replace carbon brushes on a Mckeller grinder

jigsaw MJ5654?

where can I get a roller blade guide for my challenge extreme jigsaw MJ5654

Replacement charger?

new charger required for a hilka pro-craft 7.2 volt cordless drill

PerformancePro 701W rotary cutter flexi drive?

Where can I purchase a compatible flexi drive 925 x 3mm for this piece of equipment which has hardly been used. Research has shown that this company doesn't supply parts for its products so if anyone ... more