How can I repair my B&D drill?

I have a B&D model KR700 CRE 13 mm variable speed hammer drill which works very well except the Twistlock Plus keyless chuck now will not tighten or loosen on a drill. This is because the plastic chuc ... more

JCB cordless drill battery jcbd-24csds?

Hi, where can I get a battery JCBD-24CSDS cordless hammer drill.?


Changing brushes in mitre saw motor?

I have a Wickes Sliding Compound Mitre saw 1500w and think I need to replace the motor brushes. I was expecting to find an easily removable cover to expose the brushes but instead find two short bolt ... more


Bosch pda 100 sander?

My bosch pda sander will not vibrate the pad motor slipping can it be repaired

Power breaker question?

how do i change the brushes on a pbx1000rhd

Hitachi dv18dcl2?

how to remove a chuck

How can I change a saw blade?

How can I change a blade for a MIMS600 Mac Allister multi-purpose saw Make MAC Allister MIMS600 .


Where can I get batteries?

hi looking for some batteries for a extreme circular saw

How can I fix my belt sander?

I have a Ferm bench top belt sander which seams to have stopped working. I noticed a slight electrical burning smell when I was using it and when I returned to use it again there was a humming sound a ... more

Drive belt for CLM1500TSS table saw?

bought about 10yrs ago. served me well as a DIYer. belt just went. blade jammed, and in the seconds it took to kill it the blade had perished in one spot and is now on the bench. I live in Ireland an ... more


i require a start switch ?

I require a plastic type sliding switch for a hand grinder Model CRAFT APFAG-125N The old switch has a broken locking lug on it.

Anybody breaking a FMTC210MS mitre saw?

I need the helical slave gear that is driven by the motor. All of the teeth have sheared off! I can't find a spare anywhere online, so if anybody knows where to buy one, please post back here.


Where can I buy a Power Pro Craft 24 volt cordless drill battery?

I have a Power Pro Craft 24 volt cordless power drill and I need to know how to check to see if the battery or the battery charger is bad.

regulador electronico para rotomartillo Hilti TE 92?

busco la parte alactronica de regulacion de rotomartillo Hilti TE 92 ,tengo entendido que el regulador puede tambien ser ser la de un Hilti TP 804.

dust bag?

where can i get a dust collection bag for my toledo sander

How can I fix BOSCH AL 3640 CV charger?

My Bosch AL 3640CV charger has stopped working. When connected to power there are signs of life as the lights flash but it does not charge the battery

Elu tgs 172?

Saw was running and cutting normally at full speed. Finished cutting last piece still running at full speed then it slowed and stopped, saw moter still has power, it is humming, but will not run up. ... more


Power Craft Bench drill DP500?

My pillar drill has stopped working. I can press start and it turns, but as soon as I release this, it stops. Sounds to me that the switch has become faulty. Where can I get a replacement on/off switc ... more


FERM belt slipping?

The belts on my FERM FBDS350 have started to slip and stall when sanding. Motor keeps going but the belts stop. Even new belts. I can't see any way of adjusting the pulley, other than the centering ad ... more


Parkside orbital sander PES 600?

How do you remove the sanding pad. Is there a trick to it?