Sds drill?

MY FBH 620K SDS drill starts but when i apply any sort of pressure to the drill bit the motor cuts out. Any suggestions?

How to replace blade clamp on a per pro cdd500lds?

how to replace blade clamp on o performance pro jig saw


How to mend my mckeller angle grinder?

Where to buy switch for mckeller angle grinder (MCKM03)


Performance power?

tengo una siera de calar porformance power modelo laser jigsaw 750 w y el soporte de la hoja se ha roto podeis suministrame esa pieza .


Why does table saw keep stopping?

my table saw works but keeps stoping for no apparent reason performance 254mm table saw FMTC 10TC thanks

How can i mend my Jigsaw Model :- NLH800JIG?

Performance Power NLH800JIG Jigsaw. Motor working fine but jigsaw shaft not moving


Grinder stuck in ON mode?

on off switch wobbly, machine stuck in on position


MacAllister cod 144v l10 drill?

Macallister 14.4v drill runs for a few seconds then stops ,batteries ok


How to reassemble the guard on my compound mitre saw?

How to reassemble the guard on my compound mitre saw


Bosch PSB 24 VE-2 drill with AL 60 DV 2411 charger?

I have a Bosch PSB 24 VE-2 drill with an AL 60 DV 2411 charger. The last time I charged the battery it showed as fully charged, but although the drill was trying to rotate it would not work. I am uns ... more


Slide compound mitre saw spring in blade replacement?

Where to place spring when reassembling after inserting new blade. Slide compound mitre saw FMTC255sms 1800w. Performance power tool.

Black and decker sander cd 400 motor is dying no power?

black and decker sander cd 400 motor is dying no power.

How can I mend my hammer drill below?

my "Performance Power" hammer drill "PHD850-2" is not hammering

Looking for parts?

Hi there, i have a Ferm Belt Sander, the small cog wheel which drives the belt has fallen apart, any ideas wear to get one from. 730680. Thanks.


How can I get it working again please?

Hi my mouse sander won't start after using it on some wooder slices seemed to back fire and stop.


Macallister mmsp17 00l circular saw?

Is it posssible to buy shoulder bolts for the guard on a macallister mmsp17 00l circular saw


Hedge trimmer Battery Charger not working?

I have a Ryobi charger BCL 14181H which is not showing any lights and not charging. I had left it unplugged but with a battery in it? Any easy fixes? Battery is RB18L15. It is for a hedge trimmer.

Want sanders discs?

powercraft belt sander 950w model PBS-950N want sanders

Makita 6408 drill chuck?

Hello, The keyless chuck on my Makita 6408 was jammed open, I couldn't loosen it with my hands. I held the static plastic with adjustable pliers and with another adjustable pliers gripped the plastic ... more


Ryobi charger not fully functioning?

My Ryobi charger is still in the middle red charging state and will not go into the green fully charged mode.It's a p-117 18 volt. A new charger not a year old even