Replace faulty switch?

The on / off switch is faulty on my Performance FMTC 1200 LCS circular saw


Power Devil PWD5014?

how do i re attatch my blade guard on my Power Devil PWD5014 Mitre saw

How do i refit blade guard on my pwd5014 mitre saw?

how to refit blade guard in my pwd5014 mitre saw


My power craft angle grinder has stopped working suspected electrical fault can you help thank you need some parts?


How can I fix a BOSCH AL2450 DV charger?

My Bosch AL2450 DV was dead. R3 was burnt so replaced 180K resistor. Now powers on and shows 41V output between + & - contacts. Also, between the + and NTC contact 36V, between the - and NTC contac ... more


Sharp mx-m450n?

Code: L4-02 sharp mx-m450n


18 volts mscd18 li2?

were in wrexham can a get my cordless drill repaired 18volts mscd18 l i2


Psb 24 ve-2?

the drill will only work when upside down, the battery is not the problem. bosch psb 24 ve-2

How to fix my Karcher pressure washer?

my Karcher pressure washer was working very well and it just stopped mid flow I replaced the plug fuse, but it still doesn't work Any ideas please email mf5

Parts for skill saw?

Where can I find a blade gaurd for a skillsaw 534?


Drill manual?

can you tell me where i can get a user manual for this drill ..challenge extreme cd1218j


Replacement18 volt. battery?

whhere can I get. an 18 volt battery for CLM performance circular saw.


Hitachi Battery Charger 14.4 Volt UC 14 SD?

How can I fix my Hitachi battery charger 14,4v type UC14 SD When I dock the battery into the charger for my Hitachi drill, the glass tube fuse inside the base charger blows. I've checked that the f ... more


Challenge xtreme mc5 7205?

i want challenge xtreme mc57205 brushes just stopped working is it worth changing brushes or buying new one thank you


Table saw not running and motor sparking?

Performance (B&Q second hand) 254mm table saw FMTC 10TC Was working well, cutting bitumen encrusted bottom off parquet floor fingers. Then a change in the noise and the blade has less speed. I che ... more


Belle minimix 150?

Hi I have a belle minimix 150. The problem i have is when i press the green power button it doesnt stop on and the mixer stops. I have repaced the switch and acapacitor and still have the same probl ... more

How can I tighten loose blade in my circular saw?

The blade is loose in my Black & Decker KS850. How can I fix this?


Mend CLM18VRC battery charger?

Where I can get a circuit diagram for a Power PRO CLM18VRC battery charger, it was bought from B&Q some years ago. can you help me please


Bosch ixo cordless screwdriver?

Bosch IXO Cordless screwdriver charge light keeps going out is this normal

Type of fuse?

hitachi charger uc 14sd fuse do you use sloe blow or fast blow fuse