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Creda t602cw not heating up. Is there a reset button & where ????


How can I repair my tumble dryer creda excel t602cw?

The dryer is about 10 years old. It still tumbles but it doesn't dry. Would it be more cost-effective to replace the unit with a new one or is it worth getting this one repaired? What would be the est ... more


how to check thermostat on creda tumble dryer t602cw?

creda t602cw tumble dryer. the machine spins ok but there is no heat comingthrough Ihave replaced the therostat a few days ago and the same thing has happened again is there any other thing that I can ... more

How do I repair a broken belt for Creda Excel t602cw Tumble Drier?

How do I repair a broken belt for Creda Excel t602cw Tumble Drier

Creda Excel Eco Condenser Tumble Dryer T602cw?

This dryer was given to me but without the instructions. There are three presets on the dial which all work but are for 10min, 20min and eco. Even the eco setting seems to be on a timer but is it mean ... more


how can I replace sensor in Creda Excel T602CW?

the sensor disc has broken off in our Creda tumbledryer. Tried sticking it with adhesive but the weld has broken so needs replacing

creda T602cw dryer ?

my creda T602CW is not getting hot, the drum is turning but no heat. any sugestions please.


How do I know what spare part to buy for my Creda T602CW tumble dryer?

The knob which sets the program/timer is broken and will no longer turn, and feels a bit wobbly. Thus I cannot start the m/c. I assume that I might just need a replacement. There is a spare part on ... more


how do i fit a drum belt to a creda exel T602CW?

took the side panel off and belt was snapped but dont have a clue how to get a new one round the drum. Any ideas? Does anyone know the best place to get a belt ?


how can i fix my creda t602cw tumble dryer that doesn't heat up?

how can i fix mycreda t601cw tumble dryer that doesn't heat up.?


creda tumble dryer capacitor for motor failed again?

Six months ago my creda T602cw tumble dryer motor was trying to start,but could not if you turned the drum by hand (side of machine off) it started ok,but would not start again if it had to stop or ... more


Creda Excel - No Heat - Model T602CW?

Hi, Could anyone please advise me how i can fix a heating problem on my Creda Excel tumble dryer condensor - the model number is t602cw. I Have no knowledge if the thermostat has developed any pro ... more