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ssd drive?

Is it correct that you don't need to defrag an ssd drive? (solid state) thanks in advaance..


will more ram make comp. faster?

We have lenovo pentium -dual core e5400 -x 2.70ghz slimline with 4gb ddr2 ram --150gb h/d -using 50gb -100gb free only do emails and google -no games regularly defrag etc - will the comp. go ... more


infected ram?

running -xp pro sp3 --pentium d 2.8ghz --2 gig ram -500 gig h/d JUST STARTED DOING - when i run a couple of progs -say -defrag -adaware and or burning -the computor has started to slow down --is the ... more


How can I defrag/fix my Westinghouse 920 dishwasher?

DW not responding to 'wash select' when that button pressed - power/power on OK but then DW goes into some odd mode with each of the 'pre-wash' 'fast' 'norm' and 'heavy' lights flashing green (one ... more


I checked defrag and the fault lies with (system volume information)it will not defrag this, as it does on my other computer (windows xp) the one giving trouble is windows vista,even after defrag it ... more



my compaq presario (windows vista)won't do a complete defrag?I'm using defrag from piriform but it still shows 50%-60%.It doesn't seem to defrag all files? is there something blocking it from complet ... more


can you defragment the hard drive ?

I now find that during replay that my sagem freeview twin tuner recorder either freezes, sticks or stops, seems like a hard drive that you can't defrag !!!

Defrag will not run?

I want to install a new program on my laptop running Xp service pack 3 the instructions tell me to do a full defrag before I install the program, but the system will not allow me to run the defrag, it ... more


PC clean up programs?

What PC clean up download do you recomend? I have done disk clean up and defrag. Still have very slow PC. Windows XP is my OS.


help my laptop keeps on crashing when i run an anti virus scan?

just recently whenever i run an anti virus scan on my dell inspiron 6000 it gets to the same point and freezes and after a few minutes i get a blue screen with this error message: a problem has been d ... more


Windows Vista user account password forgotten?

Hi, My daughter has forgotten her Windows Vista Home Basic user account password. She can use her laptop via another user account but cannot use defrag or install 3rd party software since it asks for ... more


please help?

i have a toshiba equium laptop had it for 6 yrs r more all off a suden its playing up it takes about a hour 2 load up and sum times a get a mess about cfiles missing i dont know what that mean ive try ... more

Defrag will not start?

My computer's running slow, when I go into system tools and defrag, it comes up defragmentation could not start. Any idea?