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White Knight BG437 gas tumble dryer?

White knight bg437 gas tumble dryer - drum keeps stopping during cycle. Will start again eventually but will stop again. When stopped have to spin the drum a few times by hand to get it going or just ... more

Noisy Hotpoint Aquarius WDAL 8640 Washer Dryer?

Hi - my Hotpoint Aquarius WDAL 8640 Washer Dryer (about 5 yrs old) is making graunching noises BEFORE the spin cycles - its intermittent and has been going on for about 3 months but is very loud - dur ... more

Tumble dryer start/pause button flashing?

Hotpoint tumble dryer stuck in pause? my hotpoint aquarius TVF760+ tumble dryer is stuck in pause. the light flashes green on the start / pause button but will not come out of pause and start the cyc ... more


Indesit washer dryer?

Indesit washer dryer stopped mid cycle with water in it. how do I drain the water out


how do i fix my john lewis washer dryer?

my washer dryer was stuck mid-cycle. I have managed to empty it and it just wont work The Model is JLWD 1612. I have cleaned the drain filter and checked the inlet hose and valve filter. it is four ye ... more

White Knight tumble dryer reverses once & stops. Why?

My White Knight tumble dryer spins one way. Then reverses working as it should. But then stops. I can restart it many times but it will only do this one reverse cycle & stop every time. What is the fa ... more

Tricity Bendix TM 310 w?

The tumble dryer completes the cycle and dries the clothes but there is no water in the tank when the cycle is completed.

What's wrong with my washing machine?

Ariston awd12 Washer dryer. The washer completes it's cycle but instead of switching off, it intermittently starts drying when the dryer controls are set to off. Works fine most times but randomly gi ... more


hoover dryer dncd813bb-80 E11 fault?

As the title says i have an E11 fault on the condenser dryer. I've looked all over the net and can only find e11 for the washer/dryer one. The digital display started flashing with all the symbols the ... more

Bosch Exxcel 7 WTW863S1GB damp clothes, clogging filter?

Hi, my tumble dryer has started to refuse to dry clothes. Recently moved it into the bathroom, in a tight corner, but beside window. On a normal dry cycle, it takes c. 30 mins then filter clean light ... more


How to fix my Indesit washer dryer?

The wash has stopped on the final spin and I have 3 LED lights flashing (on off led, the easy iron led and the spin select led). I have tried switching the machine off, when I switch it back on it wi ... more


Beko condenser dryer wont turn on?

Hi there my Beko condenser dryer DRCS 68W stopped working mid cycle and now only the inside light turns on when switched on but all the other buttons don't even light up at all. Please help.

Fix issue with washer/dryer clothes still wet after dry cycle?

Samsung washer dryer WD8704RJA I had error code HE2 recently. The element and NTC sensor were replaced and the inside of the filter cleaned out by the engineer. No longer get the error, but now my ... more

My dryer finishes after 1 min of cycle ?

I have had no problems in the past with my Miele T490 All of a sudden I choose a Cycle and it starts - around a min later goes to finish (obviously it hasn't gone through any cycle) or won't reset at ... more