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sudden power loss when driving?

while driving I found no response when I press the accelerator pedal the car slowed down and I pulled over. Turned ignition car started. this happened three times in 3 miles. I then stopped for ten mi ... more


White smoke when cold start?

I have a 1992 Iveco 75E14 4 cylinder horsebox, when starting from cold it has to turn over 6or7 times before it starts then only initially seems to run on 3 cylinders at best with white smoke coming o ... more


Peugeot Partner Battery new last Feb . Alternate working Battery test multimeter at 20v reading engine off 11.43v Turns over half turn then nothing. Tested charger by connecting the charger ... more


megane 2 gremlins?

intermittent starting will run then stop, put new batteries in keycard, when try to restart when I press the starter button engine turns over without starting even when button released, after 10 minut ... more

I have a daf lf 45 which won't start?

I have daf LF 45 which previously showed yellow engine warning and drain fuel filter sign. Yesterday when I came home and when I was parking I heard a knocking sound just after I had switched the en ... more

Car turns but won't start?

Reinstalled the CPU on my Peugeot 807 2.2 HDI, after it failed to start and was diagnosed with the imobliser fault. Was repaired by CPU in UK. Car locks and unlocks, engine turns over (strong battery) ... more

The engine doesn’t always catch when I turn the key?

I have a Citroen C3 and sometimes when I turn the key in the ignition the engine doesn’t catch, the electronics all start, everything works apart from the actual engine. It can take a couple of goes ... more


Tick over ?

Having a problem with my Ford Focus mk1 2000. Car runs fine but when I stop and start engine again when car is at running temperature. It's Tick over is 1200 refs forabout 40 seconds then it slowly c ... more

Lawnmower will not start when motor is hot?

Lawnmower will not crank when engine is hot!

mountfield 1228m runs 20min and stops?

engine runs well for 20 min and then miss fires and stops if left for 30 min will start and run well then stops again