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How can I repair my Flymo Glider compact 330 ax?

I have cut the elctric cable to my flymo Glider compact 330ax. now will not start. Is there a way of repairing???

My Flymo 330 Lawnmower has stopped working?

Does it have a cut out which may have been activated ?

Bit type & sizes?

What type and size screw bits do I need to fix my flymo 330 turbo


why does my flymo lawn mower easy glie 330 makes a loud noise?

a loud coming from lawn mower


Flymo Compact 330 Hover Mower?

How can I check the electrics to find out which part is faulty ie. switch, motor or connector on cable.I had the problem of the mower not turning off before, but now it has completely packed up. Any i ... more