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Bosch KUR15A50GB fridge collects water?

My Bosch KUR15A50GB refridgerator collects lots of water underneath the lowest draw (the clear vegetable draw.) The fridge seal seems to be good so it shouldn't be letting in air which is then cond ... more


Fridge repair?

GE model number TFX20JR refrigerator is leaking water from dispencer in the door

Whirlpool Fridge Freezer CF Error?

My Whirlpool side by side fridge freezer wasn’t working found that PCB Board in the back had burnt marks on it, So bought a second hand one, plugged it in and it works ie compressor and all the fans ... more


Missing drainage hole?

ZX57/3W Product No: 925 886 651 Freezer does not appear to have a drainage hole at the bottom of the fridge above the salad drawers. Instead there is just has an indent ... there is no actual hole. ... more



my daewoo fridge will not make ice winia collection french door

Daewoo fridge freezer?

Can I use my fridge freezer with out the water pipe being connected


Settings for Candy Fridge Free?

Candy CD-9 Fridge Freezer When I set the Knob inside the Fridge to 4 the Fridge is showing 5 degrees and the Freezer is only showing Slightly over minus 5 Degrees and once the items in the Freezer th ... more