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Intellowasher vs direct drive ?

Hi, I have a purchase question. I am buying a second hand LG washer dryer combo tomorrow and have a choice of 2 different units. The one is a LG Intello washer 7.2/3.6kg and the other is a LG direct d ... more


How can I fix my LG Direct Drive 7.5kg model WM12336FD washing machine?

After loading the machine with the wash and pressing the start button, the drum doesn't turn and you get a DE error. This error has occured in the past if there is an uneven load, but this is not the ... more

Water fault?

I have an lg direct drive washing machine that keeps saying no water an stops washing but there is water going in as usual any help thank you

My LG direct drive 9/6 kg F1403RD?

Machine was very loud when on a 1400 spin & found 3 plastic pieces inside the machine when it had stopped spinning. Any ideas ?? 2 white strips with slotted holes and one grey bit of rubber.

CL appears on screen and tried switching off,cleaning filter etc and won't ?

LG Direct drive 7.5kg washing machine .


LG direct drive wm2010cw?

my LG direct drive wm2010cw washing machine won't drain and it will get to 18 min on a wash and rinse cycle then it stops and a error code flash LE how do I fix this

How can I fix my washing machine?

I have a LG Direct drive 7.5 kg washing machine wm-12225fd it showing UE flashing on the display and when I pull the filter out from the drain pump water came out. I also check the pipes for blockage ... more


Leaking LG washing machine ?

I have a LG Direct Drive &.5kg WD12020D and It is leaking from the side when I put the machine on an uneven surface. I have moved to a new house and the machine is on an uneven surface. any suggestion ... more

lg direct drive 7.5kg wm-12225fd?

How do I replace the rubber door seal on this machine


LG direct drive 7.5kg 11220FD - UE error message?

UE error message appears at the end of washing cycle when on spin - time clock gets stuck at 11 minutes left and then after a long time of this, the bleep goes and UE message appears. Have tried turn ... more


I have a lg7.5 washing machine, it showing oe, cleaned pipes?

What do you suggest, it's a lg washing machine 7.5kg direct drive model wm-11220fd

how do i get frabric conditioner to go into wash?

I have a lg direct drive 7.5kg wm16341fd model when i wash with it it will not take the frabric conditioner at the end of cycle,so when the wash is finished the frabric conditioner is still in the dr ... more

LG 8kg direct drive washing machine WM12311fd?

when i put a load in and set up the wash that i want, it wont start from the start button. all it does is the rest of the buttons kind of flash like theres dust or something behind them and there is n ... more

no spin on lg dd model 1480fhd?

It tries to go into a spin turns about 1/4 and comes to abrout stop being a direct drive does it have brushes? it sometimes comes up with LE on the display it has power so dont think its the door inte ... more


Replacing/getting a part No. for my LG Direct Drive Hall Sensor?

The LE error code has appeared and the machine refuses to turn or drain or do anything after the first few minutes. I need to know how to get to this part to find the part No. and hopefully order a r ... more

LG WM12225FD w/m Not balancing spin. NeedServManual?

Machine: LG WM-12225FD Direct Drive Washing Machine Purchased: 2007, UK This machine, when new in 2007, had an almost silent spin under most washing loads. All I could hear from it was the gentl ... more

How can I fix my LG 7.5kg WM 16225FD washing machine?

Hi We have a LG direct drive 7.5kg WM-16225FD washing machine. It's started to make a rattling noise during operation but working ok otherwise ... seems to occur more towards the end (spin cycle)? ... more

LG washer WM 1832 direct drive?

washer will spin only one way and then jams when cycles the other way :( pls help. Thanks


lg 7.5 direct drive stuck with 12mins remaining. goes round but time stays ?

machine stuck with 12 mins remaining. still goes round

LG Direct drive washing machine takes conditioner to early in cycle?

When using the LG direct drive 7.5 kg washing ,the conditioner seems to be rinsed out of its compartment before the correct cycle time.This causes the wash to have no conditioner .