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How can I mend my Neptune Exotic shower?

I have a Neptune Exotic electric shower. this morning I turned it on, it ran for a few seconds and cut out. it has not tripped at the board and the light on the pull cord is still on but, there doesn' ... more


Neptune exotic shower A97900153 smoking from unit?

Hi Dave J here Neptune exotic shower module No A97900153 RCD cuts out after shower expelled smoke from wall cover and shower rose. Can it be repaired? No sign of electrical wiring melting so is it ... more

Smoke from unit?

I have a Neptune exotic and the unit trip the RCD. The tenant tells me there was smoke coming out of the shower cover and through the water shore head. Is it repairable ???

Only tepid water comes out of my Neptune Exotic 9.5w shower?

Only tepid water comes out of my Neptune Exotic 9.5w shower even when a max temperature and double red power setting. My wife is very ill and confined to downstairs where this shower is situated for ... more

no water no light no noise?

neptune solo shower


How can I fix my Neptune solo shower?

The electric has gone on my shower...there's no light coming on and no water coming out of shower...


neptune solo shower?

When the dial is on the off position the the water turns off and then straight back on again, the only way I can stop the water from coming out, is to turn off the power supply to it via the isolater ... more

Neptune shower not working?

I have a Neptune shower that was working perfectly until taking it off to tile behind it. Since re fitting exactly the same as it come off I switched on and it hardly had any pressure and got really ... more

my neptune exotic shower?

my neptune exotic shower 9.5kw is either running red hot or freezing cold. so it seems to not have any control of temp could any one suggest what the problem could be cheers


I have a Neptune Exotic shower and water is shooting out of pressure switcn?

British Gas came to fix shower as water running out of bottom and when they took front cover off and turned shower on water shot straight out of pressure switch assembly and they told me I need a whol ... more

no water coming out of neptune exotic shower?

Neptune exotic shower about 5 years old. Light on shower not coming on and no water coming out. Has anyone had this problem and know how to repair it.

shower leaking?

i have removed cover from my neptune shower 8.5 and can see water running out of the flow gage, is it a case of undoing the screws and replacing with new one or is it more difficult than that

neptune shower solo 8.5?

the flow gage is leaking, i have found where to buy one, but is it a case of undo the old and replace with new. what is happening is that cold water runs out of the bottom of it.

-Neptune Solo - 8.5 kw cuts out-?

I have a Neptune Solo 8.5 kw Power Shower, approx 1 year old which cuts out after approx 2 minutes. I have checked feeder line for pressure & it's OK. There are no blockages to supply & everything app ... more


how can i get replacement controls for a neptune shower solo 8.5kw?

my father in law needs the top control for his shower all i can find is the shower itself i really am thankful if someone could help

shower keeps switching off?

I have a Neptune shower (Solo). when I put it on it works for about 2 mins then turns itself off. if I leave it for a few minutes it automatically comes back on but then turns off againl

How can i fix my Neptune Solo 8.5kw shower?

Temperature will not stay constant. One minute the water is very hot - the next it is completely freezin. Cannot get temperature regulated. Any ideas?


Neptune Shower Solo 8.5 KW?

the water supply from the shower is not heating up when the shower is on


Neptune solo shower?

When i turn my shower on, no water flows through and no lights come on? model is a Neptune Solo Shower