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NOKIA 3410?

Anybody help me with unlocking a nokia 3410 please ? IMEI is. 3508 9080 6826 640 I dont know which network it is on but I would like it on 3 if possible. Thanks


unlock a nokia 3410?

does any one have the codes to unlock my nokia 3410 please


3410 dead?

my nokia 3410 will not turn on at all it is not the vattery be coz i have chked that ! the phone will charge batteries but will not turn on! plz need urget help! thnk u!


how can i fix my 3410?

my nokia 3410 wont ring it just vibrates and when it starts to vibrate, the word silence shows up in the bottom right hand side of the screen. can you tell me how to make it ring ?


my nokia 3410 wont power up?

my 3410 had a cracked screen i replaced it but it wont power up,i tried a data cable but it cant find the phone