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Optima xl4 alarm?

Key pads have no power to them after power cut

Optima xl4?

I have just replaced the battery. When I go to arm the alarm it doesn't, beep I have tried resetting but no beep.

Intruder alarm Optima xl 4?

OPTIMA XL4 Trying to put in the code, nothing happens, have I pressed a wrong button. I have changed the battery, on opening the front of panel, the alarm sounded, cancelled entering the code


no sound with alarm and keypad?

optima xl4 micr. please help, need to know if the fuses that need changing are the 1.6am in the panal. cannot see any more fuses except these two clear fuses. have changed the battery still no sound. ... more

no sound with keypad and alarm?

optima xl4 microprocessor. where are the fuses located in the panal. i can only see two 1.6. are these the ones that need changing, cannot see any more fuses. they look ok the wire doesnt seem broken.


electricity been off how to reset alarm?

optima xL4


no sound with keypad and alarm?

optima xl4 microprocessor. since powercut ive no sound when i input my code. have tried to test alarm, no sound. have tried internal siren and outside siren no sound. have brought new battery as sugge ... more