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How can I upgrade my Scantronic 9827 home alarm?

What is the phone number for Scantronic 9827 alarm company?


SR system reset on Scantronic 9827 after total power failure?

How do i reset a SR code (system Reset) on scantronic 9827


Reset system after smoke alarm sounds & user manual request?

HOW TO RESET AFTER SMOKE ALARM HAS ACTIVATED and HOW TO GET A USER MANUAL? I have a Scantronic 9827 house alarm. Since the smoke alarm went off the screen is showing a flashing c7 , but no matter what ... more


Scantronic 9827 won't accept new access code?

Hi as some of the buttons on my 9827 keypad are going spongy I want to change the access code. I have followed the instructions from the book but after pressing the clear button to put it into memo ... more

I have a scantronic 9827 displaying tr error code?

I have recently replaced the battery to my 9827 and I can't get it to work now, it just displays tr error code. How can I clear this code?


Scantronic 9827 battery failure?

Our Scantronic 9827 control panel alarmed and is showing bf (battery fault). We will call an engineer in the morning but we have 3 young children asleep and it is almost midnight. Is there any way tha ... more

How can I resolve a Tf code error on burglar alarm?

Scantronic 9827 with tf error code (tamper box knocked accidentally). Is the only way to resolve it to open the box for a reset please?

Scantronic 9827?

Error lt. battery changed as alarm activated now getting error lt Help


I have code E showing on my Scantronic 9827 pad Can't activate alarm?

Scantronic 9827. Having changed the battery I tried to activate the alarm but pad display shows E. I have attempted to re set the system using the manufactures code without success. I had a similar p ... more


Internal alarm constantly sounding? Scantronic 9827?

Hi, whilst decorating out hall i have knocked the control panel and the internal alarm is constantly sounding. I have tryed our code but nothing seems to b working. There is no code on the screen. Hel ... more


sr fault code ?

Scantronic 9827 . Powered down and replaced battery , now have sr fault code . Will I need to reset NVM to defaults to clear this code?


Detector fault code ?

Have removed s sensor that is not now required . Can not enter engineer mode , default code does not work . How can I clear fault code?. I have a user code,can I reset with this ? Keypad is scantro ... more


Correct NVM chip for a Scantronic 9827?

After replacing the battery recently I needed to reprogram the system. I don't have the engineer code so followed the instructions for removing / resetting the NVM chip. After doing this several times ... more

Scantronic 9827 alarm keypad?

Hi. I have replaced a 9800 keypad (on a 9800 control panel) with a 9827 keypad for someone as some of the old keypad numbers has stopped working and sourcing the 9827 from e bay was the simplest optio ... more

Scantronic 9827 resetting problem?

I have a Scantronic 9800+ house alarm with 9827 keypad. Although the alarm was not set, at 0400 today the alarm went off. I believe it had E on the display. I keyed in my 4-digit code and the noise ... more


i have a fault code E on my scantronic 9827?

I want to set my alarm , but I have fault code e displayed.I have entered our access. it just bleeps and says e. If you can help please thanks


Scantronic 9827 is saying bF and sounding internal alarm. ?

Our Scantronic 9827 is saying bF and sounding the internal alarm constantly. We can silence the alarm with our code, but it only goes off again soon after. How can we silence the internal alarm for ... more


Scrantronic alarm gone wrong?

Hi, we had a bF fault on our 9827 scantronic system. The internal alarm was going off every 30 mins. I tried putting the engineer code into the control panel by the door but it kept going off. .. I've ... more


How can I turn my scan tropic alarm off?

I have a scantronic 9827 alarm showing bF (battery fault) the internal alarm keeps going off every 45 mins and I have to keep inputing the code to silence it. Can a anybody help? Is there any way I ca ... more


scantronic 9827 has fault 5r showing anyone know what it means?

anyone know what 5r fault is on the scantronic 9827 alarm panel