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Stannah 420. 2008?

my stannah 420 stairlift started going slow up and down, i have replaced the batteries but no improvement. now it has just stopped, it won't go up or down. when the switch is moved the solenoid enga ... more


Battery charging issue?

Hi, My mother in law has a Stannah 300 stairlift. It stops every 6 inches or so when going up. I have replaced Batteries which works for a while but then problem reoccurs. Clearly it is not chargin ... more

How can I mend my Stannah 260 stairlift no green light on?

The stairlift did not move to top of rail and it did not charge. Green light came on but yellow light did not. Used hand crank to move to charging position and battery charged. When battery was ful ... more


Stannah 260 dead?

our stannah 260 stairlift ran over a clothes tag on the lower rail and the chair stopped. There is no power to the LED's on the arm of the chair. Ive tried a reset (switching everything off) and I've ... more

Stannah Stairlift 260 doesn't stop at bottom charging point?

My partner's father's Stair lift works perfectly when going to up position. i.e. copper plunger hits slow down flag. Stannah lift slows down and stops as it should with the plunger on the copper recha ... more

Stannah 260 stairlift?

Where doe the Charger leads fit on the lower rail?

stannah 300 led 1?

my stairlift works each time only for a coulpe of seconds, even much less when going up. Batteries are been changed recently, because it started to work discontinuosly, but nothing changed and the def ... more

how can i fix my moms stannah 420 stairlift?

stannah 420 this unit works fine it goes up to top and stops it will go back down and stop as it is supposed to but when it is stopped it beeps I have changed both batteries and checked the charger it ... more


No green light on Stannah 260 Stairlift (curved)?

My mother has a Stannah 260 and the green light on the arm is not coming on with the key switch, main switch below the seat and switch on the arm set to ON. I've checked the 12v 7AH batteries and rep ... more

Stannah 260 stopping after couple of metres ... help!?

My Stannah 260 was installed by Stannah through our local Council with Disabled Facilities Grant. This week it has begun halting after couple of metres .. if I turn off at arm, it will move a short wa ... more