How can I fix my ...

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Siemens RDJ10RF thermostat problem?

My temp is showing on the reciever alot higher than it actually is & each time I turn the temp up to get the heating to come on the temp on the reciever increases to just below that temp causing the h ... more


Chichester Canon 10250G?

Replace oven door seal Chichester Canon 10250G


Iced up ebac2650e?

Hi my ebac 2650e has iced up can I fix this what’s required


How can i mend my radio code freelander?

Hi I have a land rover freelander 2004 and I need radio code, Part no:4CFF-18C838-AB Serial no:M068799 Model:FL3 CD EUROPE Land rover part no:VUX500150


How can i mend my towa nt 1081 cash register?

my towa prosper nt 1081 wont open how do I fix please

Mending a wall clock?

Circular wall clock model 45021. My clock stops and goes even with a new battery


Cash register TEC MA - 1350?

What to do when on one of the screens says Error but on the another one says the total amount??? Nothing is working


Schreiber APP6043 lights continually flash?

After being turned off at the mains the alarm lights on my Schreiber APP6043 under counter integrated freezer continually flash. After pressing the super freeze button for several seconds the alarm li ... more


Hygena APP2420 fan cuts outer after 5 mins?

I have a Hygena APP2420 extractor hood which the fan cuts out after approx 5 minutes of use...any ideas why ?


Where can I get JDB 180R replacement battery?

where can I get JDB 180R replacement battery?