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how do i get rid of exhaust emission sign light on dash?

i have a 316i 1.9 engine bmw the emissions light has come on, even though it only had mot three weeks ago, how do i solve this problem ? please


how do i reprogram my laserline t101v for a bmw 316i?

my car alarm fob does not work after i changed the battery, what do i have to do to reset it

how can I fix my bmw 316i 1992?

engine make clikin sound and oil pamp no pamping oil up

Random intermittent ABS light 1994 BMW 316i (E36)?

This fault became progressively more regular. Changed both front sensors, 2 relays, ABS pump, short section of wiring loom. Light stayed off for 150 miles, now reappearing randomly again about 10 mile ... more

how can i stop fanbelt squealing?

I have new fanbelt on bmw 316i 1992 tensioner is at max but still squeals


heater works for a minuite then goes off again do that all day?

i have a bmw 316i the heater coming on for a secound then goes off that do that all day

How can I fix my heater? BMW 316i 1998/9?

I recently bought a second hand BMW. The heater module was faulty so the garage replaced it. Now the module works but the heater only comes on intermittently, apparently only when it feels like it. Co ... more

central locking BMW?

I have a 316i N plate central locking is not working any advice on where to get it repaired ?

how do i fit a heater matrix in a bmw 316i?

I just inherited a car from my mum. Its a BMW 316i. It overheats and the fans dont work inside the car. Seems like the matrix meter needs replacing. Does anyone know how to do this?

bmw 316i ,petrol?

my car stopped dead on a busy road today , i got the rac out to the car and he says it is the fuel pump ? can any one tell me if this model has fuel pump and where is it situated ?

cannot connect my battery without my alarm going off. how do i turn it off?

i took my battary out to charge it when i put it back in the alarm goes off. its a bmw 316i se 97 r reg. i have tryed the key fob but it does not even open or close the doors when the battary is conne ... more