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How can i mend my caravan water heater?

I have a leak on my carver cascade rapide taken vent out and appears to be coming from front.

Carver Cascade Rapide?

my carver cascade rapid seem to fill with water but water will only flow from the cold tap not the hot tap can you help thanks Clive

pressure relief valve-carver cascade rapide?

my pressure relief valve has snapped just before the threaded end, any ideas on how to get threaded bit out (very tight) without damaging anything else or doing a total strip down of heater

How do I fix my Carver Cascade rapide water heater?

The water heater in my caravan works fine on mains power. I can't get it to go on gas or battery. There is a control panel that does not have any lights working on it- power supply problem? The fuse w ... more


carver cascade?

how does carver cascade rapide ge identification no 86/ap/050 fill up ?