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No electrics?

I need a fuse box for a 1990 Ford cargo 813 not sure where to look ? Any help greatly appreciated.


Which battery is best for a Cargo 813 horse lorry?

I need to change the battery on our E Reg Ford Cargo 0813 and want to get the best but cannot work out which one I should purchase. I will hasten to add that the old battery has been on for so long I ... more

ford cargo 813 power steering noise?

My ford cargo 813 H reg power steeringmakes a grinding noise and judders only when i put the right hand lock on/turn right.have check fluid level that seems fine.have look for leaks from pipe but the ... more


Ford cargo 813 ?

hi I have diesel getting into my oil I've changed the lift pump checked the injector pipes and it's still getting in there can someone give me some advice please


HB Ford Cargo 813?

Hi my ford cargo has run out of power, ive had the tank cleaned and the filters replaced, been working fine until today drive 50 miles no probs. Turned it off for an hour, restarted to come back, star ... more

how can i clean the air dryer and condenser ?

how can i clean the air dryer and condenser for a Ford Cargo 813. Are there reasonable kits available?

ford cargo manifold change ?

I have just change my manifold on my 813 cargo, the new one is brand new and so is the gaskets, for some reason the lorry is making a really loud blowing noise asif there is a hole in it somewhere but ... more

Starting problem?

Hi can any one help I've got an e reg ford cargo 813 horse box the problem ever time I get it stated if I leave it longer than a couple of days the fuel seems to be leaving the pump I've had the filte ... more


Ford cargo 813, 1991 just failed MOT on poor braking effort both back brakes 650kg ish usually 950 which just about gets it through. Park is at 1400kg. No air leaks, loads sensing valve fine, just ble ... more


replacing rear shock absorbers Ford cargo 813?

How do you replace rear shock absorbers on a Ford cargo 813 / 1992 / or a 7.5 ton truck

Ford Cargo Oil Pressure?

I have noticed recently that the oil pressure on my 'D' reg 813 (hoirsebox) drops a couple of notches on the gauge when i have been travelling about an hour or so, i checked the levels prior to depart ... more


1987 Ford Cargo 813 Air System?

Hi, my cargo is exhausting air through the wet tank every minute or so. i have been told this is putting undue strain on the compressor. Can you tell me what might be at fault and what is the ideal wo ... more


Ford Cargo fuses?

The rear lights on my Ford Cargo 813 horse box have stopped working, the brake lights work but no other lights, I have front lights, I want to check the fuses before taking it to the garage, however I ... more