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Mend alarm?

Optima XM - the alarm went off when there was a power cut. Incorrectly put the wrong code in at first but now the tamper light on. How can I get it off

Optima xm alarm problem?

I have an old wired optima Xm alarm system with 5 pir, it worked okay until a few weeks ago. It went off itself when in day mode. I replaced the battery and seemed okay for a couple of weeks. It went ... more

How do I fix the fault on my burglar alarm?

We have just moved into a house with an Optima XM burglar alarm. The internal (panel) alarm goes off intermittently and all the lights on the panel flash on (Zones 1-4, Attack, Tamper and Day). The a ... more

Optima XM alarm will not set?

I input the code as normal before exit . All lights look as normal. The beeping starts but just carries on and does not set the alarm. I have tried changing the exit time in seconds following the engi ... more

Optima XM house alarm?

Tapper light on unable to reset.Key pad dead What I have done :- Repaced The Battery Tried to reset it . ( Reboot )Power off /disconnect battery/ reconnect batt,box door shut / mains powe ... more

No green light in optima XM burglar alarm?

Though I put new battery and fuses,no green light.Why?


optima xm?

hi, i have had to replace the bell box. and have got. ag4wb honeywell siren. and cant; get the strobe. to work just the 2 green diodes. when the siren went off.the strobe was wired to the bell on ol ... more

I have optima optima xm alarm plus panic alarm unit operated by red plastic?

Have optima optima xm alarm system also panic alarm unit which operates with red plastic key can this be replaced as I've lost mine thankyou


Optima XM Alarm panel dead?

I was replacing two light switches. Turned of power to them. Only after job was done did I notice numerous LEDs lit up on my Optima alarm panel. Pressed reset but nothing happened. Tried to enter pin ... more