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Vauxhall Zafira windows come down and stay down?

When I lock my Vauxhall Zafira using the remote control fob all the windows come down and stay down. What is the problem. Jim C


Acoustic solution ASVM2970?

Hi, The standby light stays on for my twin dvd mobile video system - ASVM2970, so I am unable to play anything, how do I get the machine playing please? I have no remote control. Thanks Steven

My Daewoo DVD/VCR wont open?

I have put a DVD in my Daewoo DVD/VCR model DFL7IDIPUA but now the unit wont respond to front panel switches or remote control when I try to eject, open/close or switch on or off. The display sometime ... more


Unlocking LG VSH from safety lock mode without remote?

Hi, my LG VSH model FC930W, is in 'safety lock mode' and I am needing to unlock it, however, I don't have the remote control. Is it still possible to get out of safety mode and how? Thanks


How to connect remote control?

I have a power plus remote and want codes for 22in Umc TV dvd combi


Safe mode?

I have an LG 990sw VHS recorder which is on SAFE. I can't locate the remote control, is there a way to unlock it from SAFE mode? Thanks Brett

Retune old tv?

How do I retune a schneider STV1402 (analogue) without a remote control?


My Dimplex Optimyst has ceased working?

Model OMWFC20 has power to it but does respond to remote control

Manual required for TWF2641ID?

Want to be able to access menu without remote control

lg lv803 vhs player?

Hi How do I remove the safe mode. I do not have the remote control

Identification of Rollexa Garage Rolle- door Motor?

I have a great favour to ask! I understand that you service garage roller doors made by the now defunct Rollexa Ltd. I still have one in service but the control unit (or Remote Control Receiver in ... more


How do I get out of safe mode without a remote control?

I have a PYE DVD ,VCR combined player but NO remote control. It has been working fine but today for no apparent reason, Any idea how I can fix this, tried turning off the power for a while but no joy?

all lights flashing on my remote control keypad?

I have a challenger home alarm system which is about 20 years old. I needed to replace the remote keypad and was supplied with a challenger AP11RKP. This was quite straightforward, connected the 12v s ... more

How can I resolve an issue with BOSS Therm BPS242RF failing?

Just wondering if you have ever seen an issue like this: Heating setup: Boiler downstairs in kitchen, hot water storage tank in airing cupboard upstairs. One feed to radiators in main house and ano ... more

Convert chair from side mount controller to a hand held controller?

Convert a recliner that has a two side rocker switch to a hand held remote control. Chair only reclines up and down, nothing fancy.


tv is stuck in shop mode no remote control?

Trying to view my laptop and TV via HDMI lead, but TV said no signal and stuck in shop mode, and to change to home mode. but I cannot change the channel as i have no remote control