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Citreon xsara saloon 2003 diesel?

citreon2003 accidently touched charging leads together. car will not start.engine wont fire.

How do I stop my car alarm?

Renault scenic 2017 car alarm How do I stop my alarm from going off ? I can open the car, get in the car, but when I start the engine the alarm goes off, and the hazards flash and I can't stop it ... more


Renault Duster 2020?

Renault Duster 2020 model, at stop lights, suddenly get a "change gear to neutral"message and the engine totally loses power. happened today at a bump where I slowed down to 13 km/h and got the neutra ... more


Peugeot 106 Diesel pump immobiliser?

My 1997 Peugeot 106 Diesel won't start, no fuel from pump to injectors. I didn't think there was any electronic witchcraft on a 97 car, I just thought the stop solenoid might be stuck, and as you can' ... more


How can I make my petrol mower run better?

My Hayter Hawk 375 mower with Briggs and Stratton 4-stroke engine will start OK after priming, but only runs for a few seconds. If I re-prime it, the same thing happens again. This is the first troubl ... more

Citroen c3 engine management light not working?

my citroen c3 2008 has just failed its mot because the engine management light does not come on when you start. what would cause this


Pull cord pulls out and retracts but engine does not turn ov?

spear and jackson petrol grass strimmer only used twice then stored inside garage for 2 yrs now the pull cord pulls out and retracts but the engine does not turn over so wont start any ideas please ... more


Hayter 10/30 won't turn over and start?

I have a 10/30 hayter ride on. Battery is OK. Starter solonoid clicks and it doesn't turn over or start. Engine is free so no problem there. I even bridged the solonoid and that didn't even turn the ... more