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How can i mend my scantronic 9448 alarm?

my scantronic 9448 has 2 panic alarms in different bedrooms. whilst redecorating one, the now rarely used spare bedroom, i decided this panic button was no longer needed and [ perhaps foolishly in ret ... more

Scantronic 9448+ the temper light is on & need to stop the outside bell ?

The temper light is constantly on and the outside bell will not stop ringing. Tried resetting the alarm with my code, the internal bell stopped but the outside bell will not stop ringing. Can anyon ... more

Can I use a Scantronic 9448+ panel without door contacts ?

I have replaced my old security system panel with a new Scantronic 9448+ model.. Originally did not have Door contacts as the original installation only used PIRs.. Installing and programming the 9448 ... more


Scantronic 9448+?

Upon setting alarm and leaving house all sounds fine but when re entering it activates the alarm instead of giving a count down to enter the code. Works fine when enter part activate to go upstairs an ... more


Scantronic 9427 doesn't do anything?

I've just moved into a house with a scantronic 9427 panel but the user guide that has been left says 9448+ and 9448ES. I was left a user code and engineer code but neither do anything. Nor does 1234 ... more